Luxe Optique is an open access provider with the top vision insurance providers:


Luxe Optique works out of network with all insurance companies. We file claims on behalf of our patients to receive direct reimbursement according to the coverage and guidelines of their plan. We offer our patients a 15% out of network courtesy discount on frames and lenses in appreciation for choosing Luxe Optique for better vision care. 

At Luxe Optique, we believe in offering all of our patients the best vision care and highest quality of frames and lenses without the restrictions or limitations that are often dictated by insurance companies. 

We also accept Care Credit, Flex Spending Accounts(FSA), and Health Savings Accounts(HSA).

Contact for questions regarding insurance.

Insurance FAQs

  1. Do you accept my insurance?
    Luxe Optique is an approved open access provider with all vision insurances.

  2. What are the benefits of going out of network with my insurance?
    We offer a 15% discount to patients when going out of network - this is in addition to any out of network reimbursement that you receive from your insurance provider. By not working directly with insurance companies, we are able to use our own private lab and ensure the best quality lenses for our patients. In addition, we are able to work with the highest quality brands to provide you with the best selection of frames. We are also able to provide you with comprehensive eye exams without limiting your time with our doctors. In conclusion, by going out of network we are able to offer you the highest quality experience.

  3. How do I go about filing a claim?
    Here at Luxe Optique we file all out of network claims on behalf of our patients. All we need from you is an insurance card (an online version will work as well) and your signature. When submitting claims we make sure each patient will receive their maximum reimbursement. The claim form and submission will be handled by our insurance processor making insurance simple and easy for you!

  4. How much will my insurance provider reimburse me?
    The amount each vision provider will reimburse is unique to each individual plan. We can check your insurance eligibility on the spot to tell you exactly what benefits you have available.

  5. Who can I contact with questions regarding my vision insurance?
    Our administrative manager handles all insurance claims - you can contact her directly at and she will be happy to answer any additional questions you have concerning your vision insurance and filing a claim.