Luxe Optique are collectors of distinct lines of hand crafted glasses, and have fantastic eye doctors to give eye exams to adults and kids in their store for glasses and contact prescriptions.
— A Little Beacon Blog

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A must experience, for all glasses and sunglass wearers.
— Bespoke Concierge

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How many eyewear shops do you know that consider your overall lifestyle? At Luxe Optique, the perfect frame starts with a standard full eye exam, but the optician will also chat with you about your occupation, daily activities, and image aspirations.
— Hudson Valley Magazine

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“Our customers, we love them all! And the strong sense of Community! From international, to the true Beaconites, and other nearby towns. Every time we do an eyewear make over, or provide better vision for patients than they have ever had, it is an unparalleled highlight. Most of the time, it’s an emotional experience for our patients as well as us! Which is becoming routine here at Luxe.”
— Ryon Odneal

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People see a $300 frame from certain designers and know it’s the same as a $70 generic made in China. We’re aware of which “designer names” have been bought out. Our frames are made from titanium, stainless or precious metals, rather than molded plastic.
— Ryon Odneal

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